• Fariz Osman

Crocodile Cave & Bat Cave

KML Island Cruise goes to various places of dense tropical mangroves trace winding rivers to get up close and personal with the island’s natural beauty. One of those attractions are the caves in the northeast region of Langkawi.

Crocodile Cave (Gua Buaya)

The boat voyaged through a low limestone natural tunnel named “Crocodile Cave” (Gua Buaya). Although, t was dim and a very snug fit but our KML captain will navigate effortlessly through the tight squeeze unscathed. 

Out the other side we will spotted the namesake rock formation before continuing to explore Gua Kelawar – the Bat Cave. If you are looking for Batman, I'm sorry to break it to you, he doesn’t live there; the cave was actually named after the Malaysian Fruit Bat population.

The Bat Cave (Gua Kelawar)

The boat will dropped off at a floating wooden footbridge. We then followed the walkway through the mangroves to the entrance of the Bat Cave.

The interior is a bit dark and a little bit creepy.The guide will passed out torches to shine at the ceiling, although our eyes will easily adjusted to the dimness as there was enough natural light to see inside the cave.

Once past the entrance the ceiling stretches to 10 meters in height, you will then see more than 1000 bats hanging around with their buddies in between the stalactites.

While following the footbridge through the cave, you can spotted the usual cave structures like stalactites and stalagmites and the columns of those that joined together.

Once we got outside we will continued to follow the wooden path through the mangrove swamps, past beautiful green foliage and scurrying monkeys.


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