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The Bat Cave is one the one of a kind cave situated close to the Kilim Jetty point and this place can be reached through watercraft. The majority of the bat population within Bat Cave are the Malaysian Fruit Bats. You don’t have to worry about it as these bats are sleeping and continue clinging to the cave ceiling. You can also hear the squeaking sound these flying warm-blooded animals make.


The bigger caves with the high roof are around 750 sq. meters. It is so high that you would see the bats like a specked fine art over the ceiling of the cave. There is additionally an intriguing area of the Bat Cave wherein you need to duck slightly due to the low section clearance which is approximately about 1 to 3 meters in height over the head.


Eagle feeding in Langkawi is a great activity you will participate in a Langkawi Mangrove Tour. The boat will rev its motor and the eagles flying around will grab the coasting chicken skin throws at them. If you are fortunate, there are hundreds of eagles waiting to be chased after and they will display a hunting show for the visitors.


The Brown-winged Kingfisher or the Pelargopsis Amauroptera, is the most highly anticipated bird within the mangrove in Langkawi. Not only that, the Red Eagle or the Brahminy kite Red eagle can only be spotted in rare places such as here in Langkawi, Australia, and Indonesia. This is one of the reasons nature lovers should join us on this tour to get a sight of these Red Eagle of Langkawi during the Mangrove tour.


The passageway or the entrance of the Crocodile Cave resembles a complete developed crocodile starting with the nose up to his tail. There are likewise similar formations like the crocodile mouth and teeth when you passed the exit.

One of the famous caves of the Kilim Geoforest Park that is The Crocodile Cave is a one of a kind cave by which the Kilim River seamlessly flows. This is only accessible during low tide and it connects with the river system in order to get through. There are rumors that crocodiles used to stay inside this cave. These days, you can discover the limestone formation as well as bat settlements residing in the Crocodile Cave.


Set your feet upon this floating restaurant and explore the local floating fish farm in Langkawi Kilim Geoforest Park that is modern fish-farming with the proficiency system. There is also a Fish Show performed by the staff of the Geoforest Private Fish Farm and Restaurant.

Here, you can hand-feed the stingray named Ali, Abu, and Ahmad, the three Males in a similar net. Another fascinating fish that you can discover here is the shooting archer that hop far out of the water and whoosh away a piece of bread from your hand.


You will have the opportunity to experience one of the 99 islands’ untouched by any development and advancement and encounter the stunning ocean view and get to swim along the private island.

Leave your worries behind as this island is a private and unoccupied and open to all vacationers and adventurers who wish to visit, perfect for those who are looking for quiet, private and relaxing destination.

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